Actor Lee Minho last unbeatable struggling,pick up a sword,is scheduled to throw a final stake……

On episode 20 that broadcast yesterday,Choi Young returned to the palace from the trip with Eun Soo,”to those who might come after us will remove a preemptive strike”,he said. Eun Soo surprised,she asked “do you mean to kill?”,he said “yes”. Deok Heung virtues buwongun(?),if necessary,the Yuan Dynasty envoys even replied flatly. And camped drainage of the title Royal Highness,do not harm “the right to quit”.

accordingly,next week broadcasting from strong Choi Young wind shear expected to hit. Choi Young background to these resolution,acts as a combination of several circumstances . Princess Noo Guk’s legacy for the anger of the warriors & Gi Cheol possibility of retaliation was worried about Choi Young people in front of distinctive,1 step further & decided to preemptive attact.

After warrior marbled,”we’ve got to find a place to finish”,he said in a conversation with his old friend,also recalled the last of the captain of the spleen. Not at home,he asked,”master,will you like a heavy sword?”. Silently locked thoughts on the weight of the word with both hands & looked at the gauge.

Forgetting himself,looking back on the weight of years he lived since holding a knife at the age of 16,29 years old to be built Choi Young heard. Considering the day before the decisive battle,his eyes moist wet,but was rely on the alliance.

Seems Deok Heung be the 1st target that Choi Young removed. Move to erie to steer people away politicians like Deok Heung plays same baduk box with Choi Young like before expect about to finish next week.

Choi Young battle with hat assasins gunning life-or-die unfolded earlier. Reminiscent of fencing remind of the chinese movie “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon”,as the convergence of actor Lee Minho’s martial arts dancing streetwise stone walls dire showed a flat without regret.

choi Youn scooping water to fed Eun Soo & caressed soothe a broken heart,secretly hand grabbing,acted secretly dating attractive. kissing scene through rough times to Eun soo & Choi Young expected,specially in the last scene was knocked out supporters with lovely eyes & cute inverted smile.

Viewers,a captain in the palace,”came back with the audiences even bounce back”. Lee Minho himself has melodrama said,”just look a hand,I fall only”. The most high melodrama – action prince,Lee Minho,showed the reaction.

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