Came back running at the speed of light at the end,Choi Young happy pace faster than Eun Soo wanna report as soon as possible with the mind began to run.

Eun Soo confession in sketchbook that Choi Young don’t know,but was a confession. Too bad,the character don’t know,looks like decile students learn to study. Good news that Choi Young seem able to confide deep sorrow we found burried in his heart,they didn’t have observe a lifetime of chasing guilty.

Gong min came. Felt guilty lost of his troops because of his love,telling Choi Young doesn’t have excuses. Choi Young candid mind also move the mind of Gong Min. He lost 24 people at the time,really considering the king question about how people continue to be sacrificed in order to defend yourself. Choi Young was throwing & Noo Guk told the king that the answer to the troops,”he always the 1st,for consideration appreciates. Fighting with the troops in the dephts”. Princess Noo Guk says,”Goryo name isn’t important to me. Family whereever  I am in my sleeps”. (family is the priority?).

Gong min called Deok Heung in private meeting,”uncle,do you know what’s the most important?”,”my self”,Deok Heung answer concisely. Yoo Eun Soo diagnosis the narcissitic personality disorder severe that Deok Heung must not see.

Gong min smiled listened to Deok Heung answered,said “i’m glad better king than Uncle thought would be”. Gong Min respond sometime annoy Deok Heung. Running over Choi Young from Yuan dynasty ,considering the king to allow deok heung edict,gave poison again to Eun Soo coated harm  ambassador to do it.

Gong min answer to Deok heung,love his confidence. Affection for the people i have seen to be a better king. Gong Min also consider the Prince of the throne to protect Noo Gukcan lay down enough,also seem Noo Guk feels comfortable to the new homeland rather than more valuable,Choi Young also say the same. he 1st had love for the people than loyalty word will be put to the forefront . deok Heung said himself was more important. Where there was a difference between Gong Min & Deok Heung. Wife & a child,a king’s child,defend it if people followed, Gong Min laughs to Deok Heung built a qualified of person if you consider the psople that said Deok Heung,Gong Min don’t see the blood to the trone would have been.

venom the number of infection was aware of the fact that the storm rage Choi Young direct revealed feelings for Eun Soo. “I have been so crazy?” Lee Minho adust the brake of the vans of anger detail caught eye. Example,this kinda breath control,”what the hell” (sound crushed rock),”why they did?” (relaxed),resentful hell break from the tempo teeth were clenched,didn’t say the tone down. if the opponents were right & would have gone to 1 breathe. Lee Minho’s breathing broke because it was to put of woman mind,didn’t tell about,worried mind connection was broke that way.

Eun Soo called him when he left her with angry feeling,confess the back hug scene leads to the moment by moment changing eyes was far the best,the 1st behind the investor himself stop the heart like after everything he’s done in such words come after Eun Soo being poisoned.

Eun Soo asked again,”the rest of the day of my disposal,will you forget it?” Eyes closed down,lonely like the ebb feelings captured in Lee Minho & slowly tear in Lee Minho’s eyes,but the head of the tears the answer of course,goes along said to Eun Soo not to go. I’d say,was swallowing. Choi Young mixed feelings made him like a standing wood & stone & was connected too.

Accidentally read the article about Lee Minho. the articles that praised the virtue of the actor’s eyes,shrewd & knows their own pros & cons,in addition to the toughness of Lee Minho equipped postponed until caught in the eye. Lee Minho’s flowing feeling,why did such a compliment passage. that compliment wasn’t useless.

Lee Minho’s eyes,specially to the today post,in fact,because you respect the subject matter of the drama. Eyes,resigned to go from 1st to look at the good of Lee Minho continue to feel that personal loneliness & resignation of Choi Young,which leads down from the 1st meeting  & the character of the eyes. Figures were to lose the motivation to live,there’s no hope of the world to foolish or Choi Youn duties,his habit that love to eat,no hope for a strong consideration.

Gong Min wants to become a true king,even when advocating for consideration will often Choi Young’s eyes didn’t vary greatly. Just obtained the offering ,Gong Min watch on duty as a justification of his eyes. Still those eyes are similar. Choi Young to defend the will of the king as well,leading to reform isn’t including politics to himself & was independent because of the political.

The surprising thing equal to Lee Minho’s eyes resignation hear Eun Soo confession on episode,Eun Soo back hug Lee Minho,everything is meticulously calculated that i thought at 1st disinterested eyes filled with coalition Eun Soo on knee hit in episode 17,Deok Heung-Eun Soo met with Choi Young. Came the usual appearance of Choi Young,look,warriors play & watch himself that prey struggling to move away remembering the scene,to the scene stunned astonishment knew laugh.

Look at the warriors play & Choi Young sad eyes & feel the depth couldn’t find. what ever people got not the kind with smile brightly enough to be mistaken. because there was no worry. At least the scene said so.

Choi individual’s commitment to a strong consideration for nearly 100 years of Yuan Dynasty,yet just subservient as a country to ensure longevity. i wonder if I don’t know,the eyes of such resignation ,ore over Chung Hye Wang of deviant acts & the master lose once Choi Young understood the mind of Eun Soo for the 1st time she had to be emphasizedbecause these characters weren’t want too.

Eun Soo watched with smile in her face,the eyes,the lonely,the reason why won’t be able to catch people who can’t stay for a resignation was,eyes,unknown the depth of the secret was.

And Lee Minho’s eyes in recent years that’s changing frequent & light comes out,i also feel the environment. choi Young growing. Showing changes in him & had begun to hope for a strong consideration.

Choi Young reason to help Gong Min become a true king were here. Gong Min stimulation & weak team work. Resignation from the commitment to become a king maker change in the eyes of Lee Minho in hopes getting ahead in the Choi Young matured process. Noticed in the eyes of Lee Minho,the reason he changes the style through because of the drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’.

source : http://t.co/tdVcU3B3 (the article that @StarhausM shared)

PS : sorry for the bad translation.


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