Korean actors,Lee minho & Kim Hee Sun,starring SBS drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ (broadcast on Monday & Tuesday) being hit in order to let the audience see the wonderful of the drama,during filming in 14 studios.

It is known that sometime the crew have to move 1000 km to the new set & far apart from the old 1,they tease each other that there’s no elusive ability not really to shoot. Every time goes to different set,they called it “Long March”. Lee Minho lost more strength in work & play with the martial arts components. His agency said : “Sometime in a day have to add oil,even if he wanted to rest dor a while in a car,he can’t rest,because too lines scenes”. Lead to a lack physical strength,he lost 5 kg,by virtue which he has been super willpower to know. In addition,Lee Minho also bring joy to the set,he made people laugh. And even more to repay the loved from his supporters “hypnosis” he’s General Choi Young. Audience said “Choi Young be the guardian of people,so he’s tired”,as Lee Minho concentrated force applauded public refueling. Lee minho said,”it will over soon,I just wanna pay the supporters love”. In addition,’Great Doctor/FAITH’ publish every Monday & Tuesday,09.55 PM KST.

source : koreastardaily.com


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