On today episode,Choi Young spent time with Eun Soo. Yuan Dynasty officer said to Gong Min to give Eun Soo considered “public execution” edict said to the warrior made secretly to take “Eun Soo leave” by Choi Young urgently. Weary quickly packing the bags & headed toward continue to walk on a forced march to Eun Soo & was already prepared. Choi Young & Eun Soo rest for a while under a shade of a tree. Eun Soo really tired,”what do i do?” said Eun Soo & lean on his shoulder,made a gesture. Eun Soo laughing winning Choi Young leaned in a tough situations. Cheery look that never lose on Eun Soo have give power to Choi Young. Now,embraces all of this would be Eun Soo – Choi Young tried to expressing their feeling.

source : naver.

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