Park Sang-Won special appearances in SBS drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’.

When you look subject with no excellent martial arts like Deok Heung & Gong Min that Eun Soo at the end of the questions into considerations the black coach,in a letter last week ‘authentic circle was among the implicit threat starts & will be broadcast on episode 19,the ambassador of Yuan,Soon Yoo appeared.

Gong min to give up the sovereignty of the countries considering Deok Heung a threat to a throne over to bring the message of Soon Yoo,considering so far cleverer forces that represent the original figures,of course,the soft charisma of Park Sang-Won,expectations & acting skills achieve converge without regret.

Throughout with a calm & tranquility,Soon Yoo begin to spreads to overpower at the meantime,the original wasn’t revealed in earnest is a very important person to the sharpness,demure enough to wear the colors of Park Sang-Won,expected able to highlight the drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’,said the official.

The other hand,the last broadcast in the one original letter confirming Choi Young & Eun Soo to go away,saying to the ending scene to the right hand of Gong Min conditions involved Eun Soo amplifies,Park Sang-Won special appearance focusing attention of the viewers of ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ that will broadcast tonight 21.55 KST.

source : http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=662131


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