Lee Minho drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ didn’t use force since the 1st place consistently heavily on time travels to the days of  considering a Plastic Surgeon (Yoo Eun Soo) & General Choi Young love story even too place. Fantasy vividness of the story was distracted,lacked the drama began to excert dwitsim from General Choi Young as stone that golden view a full-fledged acting as a king maker ,weakling king & escorted through the will of the people,to convey the king,Gong Min is reborn as powerful monarch.Chatarsis fo the viewers was the facts that most of the drama focuses on the appearance of a leader. Attention received,literally the next assistants,helpers & his only desire is only noticeable such as foster over lord like ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ Choi Young as the protagonist king maker talk about things we wish to the king. For example,this scene. Eun Soo,the woman he loves ,is being held as a hostage to Deok Heung who want to be a king. Deok Heung will save her if he give Deok Heung the royal seal. Choi Young,the release of the heaven to the king. Absurd,says the king,”mere because of heaven give me?”,”I won’t called to charge off & the people. Would you,king,why we still don’t know is needed?”. In a nutshell,this not important more than lives of the people. There’s no specific meaning heaven. Played by Actor Lee Minho as General Choi Young,so people began responds,’Boys Over Flowers’ were accustomed only Goo Jun Pyoo tabulated Lee Minho over ages didn’t bite even the sadness in their eyes portrays. There are 2 strong & loyal Choi Young plagued by desires other king maker & distinct. That,”the king & the nearest non-self set to ‘one of the people’. And to know love towards the king”. The 1st i called confession “always Eun Soo 1st”. “No such thing as loyalty in this country that i know”,the confession & consistent. Woman desires towards humans that replaces one (not even know),but even in the future of the warrior want to hold all the levers power & desire to stimulate,desire to have everything in the world. Gi Cheol awakens. With Eun Soo love & desire to care about Choi Young future,what do you choose to do? Know all the answers.

source : new.nate.com


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