Lee Minho – Kim Hee Sun’s romance has captivated viewers in episode 20 that broadcast on October 20,2012,keepers couple embarked on a farewell trip for back to the sky world. Noo Guk,the risk of detect the situation,it was drawn again,back to the palace,due to Noo Guk missing identify the situation calmly,they arrived in the palace figure the best way to do it from a position of self-rolled,Choi Young collapsing will rise. King Gong Min purpose on Eun Soo was that destroy his artful lie to lure Noo Guk from Deok Heung that unfolded rescue. Gong Min’s mind psychologically perfect even Deok Heung recognizing to people that brought viewers to most evocative performance obviously to save easily considering placing at risk left Eun Soo “last day” future maybe the end of their lives,like wanna be satisfied that walk themselves into the thorny path intimidated Eun Soo grim determination comes from the mind to think Choi Young was a sight to aroused,worried about quality not dispel believe the owner said,”because”,’wouldn’t be caught” said Choi Young & staring at her,following the decision of Eun Soo nod affection as well as appearance of Eun Soo thickened divine doctor turn left to convey of heritage sadness news Noo Guk appearance or conveying Choi Young back to back hand grabbing tense stand in front of Eun Soo,escort,remaining in the palace side as Choi Young,Eun Soo survival her mind was pushing Choi Young responded his smiling eyes near the ending scene of 2 people ,the last scene of a couple towards each other deepened the breathtaking excitement of romance to cuddle. Broadcast ploy to promote that you want to visit Deok Heung to look shocked at the appearance of the sky of the world seems to deny the existence of Gi Cheol. Eun Soo safety in the palace until the rest of the day we can continue to maintain heightened anxiety. Considerate towards each other as well as steadfast faith & became owner of the couple do not express the power of the mind through the coalition into consideration,of course,brought to life on the pole remaining moves attention to abduction.

source : Newsen.


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