Choi Young sword is a metaphor for himself. As a warrior,its clear that he can’t be separated from his sword,but if we go back & examine the scenes where his sword made an appearance,we can discern his state of mind.

Episode 2In Front of Heaven’s Door,Where Eun Soo Stabs Choi Young. Choi Young is a man who has no interest in life. Taking it a step further,he wants to die. He goes to heaven without a pause because he doesn’t care about his life. In this scene,he is stabbed by none than his own sword. If the sword represents himself,than he essentially stabbed himself – suicide. Which he explained himself.

But as we all know,after a long route,he ultimately picks life & find his way,particularly after the death of Kyung-Chang Goon. Which is evident in episode 9,when he goes to retrieve his sword from Gi Cheol.

Episode 12 : When Choi Young Takes Off MH’s Headband. MH was Choi Young 1st love & her headband was like an encitement beckoning Choi Young to join her death. But then he saw Eun Soo put her life on the line during his fight with Gi Cheol,he recognizes 2nd love has begun & he shouldn’t rashly throw his life away – which is when he takes off MH’s headband & puts in a chest where he can’t see it. This scene can be seen as saying goodbye to his 1st love & to death.

Episode 14 : When Choi Young Throws His Sword Carelessly. Because Eun Soo is sick,Choi Young loses his mind. When he threw his sword aside,it showed that when comes down to Eun Soo’s life,Choi Young willing to throw away everything.

Episode 15 : When he Goes To the Palace To Get the Royal Seal. He entrust his sword to Dae-Man. 1st glance,he does so because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone in the palace.But if we go with the sword = Choi Young hypothesis,then he was leaving himself behind in order to get the royal seal. We can also observe that Dae-Man is a person that respects & trust enough to take care of Choi Young.

Episode 16 : Before Feeding Deok Heung Poison, he entrust his sword to Eun Soo. While showing his respects for Eun Soo’s dislike of bloodletting,also shows that he respects her to entrust everything to her as well.

Also in episode 16,since this scene (Eun Soo lean her head on Choi Young’s shoulder) is supposed to show the tenderness between Choi Young & Eun Soo,in that line you can interpret the sword / Choi Young not as a warrior but as a man. Basically,”if I piggyback you,I’ll be unable to control myself”……or it could be as “you are to heavy too carry”.



source : http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=greatdoctor&no=64252

translate by : icesiren @soompi with little changes.


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