Korean actors,Lee Minho & Kim Hee Sun starring in SBS drama,’Great Doctor/FAITH’ continue the great work. On last night episode,show Kim Hee Sun determined to stay in Choi Young side.

Choi Young found the antidote disappeared due to the emergence of an assasin,determined to take her back after that day. Choi Young said,”you’ll leave tomorrow morning”. Well,stubbornly Eun Soo said,”I’ll remake the antidote. I want to stay by your side,because of the daily quarrel with you everyday”. Hear this,Choi Young rhetorical ask,”do you know what you say?”,Eun Soo cried & said,”things aren’t smoothly. i have might die in front of you. If you really like me,I hope you by my side until the last day,hold me,don’t leave me alone. I’m here,back at home,I can only back at home every day when you call,even if you know there’s no response,then continue the next day to live the same life,this life you have had it”.

Choi Young attempt to convince Eun Soo these days are going to die,”I can’t stay with you to kill in order to save my woman,so,how do i protect you? how  do you let me by your side?”. At this time,Choi Young right hand strongly trembling,Eun Soo hold his hand & cried bitterly. Away from the end of the drama,only 2 episodes left,Choi Young & Eun Soo  show whether the lovers to get married or separate,the audiences curious about that.

source : Naver.


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