SBS drama ‘Great Doctor’ in order to restore the independence of the country,Ryu Deok-Hwan puts his life at stake.

Last nigh episode,bait to satisfied that king Gong Min was surrounded by Gi Cheol warriors,where the situations affective detained on to take the seal directly,the scenes drawn move to the military action.

Difference considering the intervention of the authorities & never won affective hitting  a declaration of war & the war would be burned  or the same that edict of the circle until the reins of king Gong Min & new limb received Deok Heung.

Such anxiety of Gi Cheol CITIC & nervous of Choi Young to beliven & even question whether the warrior nothing shaken CITIC in the future  because it can’t be required today as saying,”I am……am”,he answered & I think 1 of the people demcratically means gathered to counter the belief of that circles not good.

Gong Min had managed to escape from the crisis witnessed such faith in Noo Guk & Choi Young assistance,he returned to the palace. Gi Cheol,including positive displacement caused gwonmun basin cathartic pleasure all & ups drastic political innovation,having won viewers to bring strict punishment on greedy place that was only dream of GiCheol & Deok Heung absolute power than to hope & dream dansa officer unlike the world,people always like buwongun has said as the king repeated steady movement more heavy & don’t want to lose the sense of responsibility on the basis of national sovereigntyhave done this subject qualities as the monarch was able to test 1 of the gateway. Delicate sensibilities as well as toward the thick of Great Doctor & Noo Guk,affective abolition & please Gong Min humanity to fit their eyes & people want to hear that voice say he’s independence to the king as his desire constantly worry with the political movement.

After the broadcast,netizens also proud of the king seeing steady movement in his light said,”I think the scene had look the justification for their blood to apologize that Choi Young felt even still humanism,the warrior of Great Doctor in the have to shape the leaders more than the reaction,really delighted”.

On the other hand,the last broadcast,Choi Young faces stiff as he shock ending will hold down the corner to Eun Soo by the venom spreading inside the body to lose more & more perilous situation & declared unpredictable ending heightened the viewers curiousity

Viewers to consider the flame that seemed like the end of history 3 times in the occupation of Gong Min had only gained independence political move,left lot of questions about the true leadership in SBS drama ‘Great Doctor’ who have 2 episodes left & will broadcast episode 23 on October 29,2012.

source : news.jkn.co.kr.


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