SBS drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ episode 22 that broadcast last night, Choi Young & Eun Soo hugging & tangled his sword,told the story about the sword. In this process,the 2 people was united in close contact with each other’s chest & shoulder & shared a rapport.

Viewers saw the scene said,”General Choi Young is a blunt person,but once you get to know,he gave 5 back hug”,”Whenever you see saught behind,something backhanded embrace chest thump”

Obvious fall from Eun Soo’s flee followed was caught base of behind,struggling the 1st time in front of Choi Young,drawn to gave Eun Soo directed back hug.

To break through behind Eun Soo carried out,”in crisis situation,I’ll teach you how to use a dagger”,tutoring martial arts. Stuck behind the knife upside down to catch enough to novice. Eun Soo hard to teach “once pierced legs spread wide & give strength” and naturally,were demonstrated. Broad shoulders wrapped up & crying in Eun Soo loss in hug too.

This guidance hugs create supporters enthusiasm & reacted,”rather than a kissing scene,it’s more thrilling,bittersweet”,”Lee Minho,the sequel unconditional melodrama wants to surprising moment in Choi Young physical contact scene”,”heart beat”.

‘Great Doctor/FAITH” have 2 epidoes left.

source : media.daum.net


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