SBS dram a a,’Great Doctor/FAITH’ reverse,time slip device to awaken a new perspective of historical consciousness.

Waiting time slip figures that role shoud be great enough to shake the myths of the era be a part of history,claiming that outgoing era accepting Choi Young jumped into consideration  Eun Soo’s life adds frehness appearance,considering the era,due to compelling circumstances alone,from trying apart to deny everything,cognitive & even trying to hate politics &  like rhistory is responsible as the passage out cried Eun Soo-Choi Young’s romance & figures the Great Doctor among the shaking hand,significant history don’t intervene alleging intimidation in their commitment to live there,wouldn’t turn away from the world to which they belongs,to live without awareness that was flattering. Unfavorable era are considering to expand the confrontation with people consciousness & courage to face herself in the presence of an era which an extraordinary peek & look otherwise the gentiles,the heterogeneity shed Eun Soo’s difficulty its absurd & corrupt world,straight grow like ringing. In the other hand,the last broadcast  to risk life even if Choi Young will hold down in the corner,moist with tears,gland the viewers that Eun Soo declared war,who was among the leads to love each other heightened the curiousity for the drama that only have 2 episodes left. Episode 23 will be broadcast October 29,2012,09.55 PM KST.



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