1.Episode 1 : When Choi Young leaned his head on Eun Soo’s shoulder  to sleep. Eun Soo joyfully offered her shoulder to Choi Young,who hasn’t been able to sleep  since waking from his coma because he had to protect Eun Soo. After Eun Soo said,”I’ll stand guard over you”,he leaned on her & close his eyes,showing a change in their relationship. This is when Choi Young 1st started open his heart to Eun Soo. Eun Soo commented on the smell of the blood,which led her to give him a flower that symbolized an important memory for Choi Young.

2.Episode 12 : “I won’t lay my life on the line. Ever again.So please,don’t cry”. In order to send Eun Soo back to heaven,Choi Young decided to sacrifice his life & confronted Gi Cheol. Eun Soo prvented his life by holding a knife to her throat. Choi Young,who had not placed much significance on his death,begins to feel the 1st seed of love when Eun Soo warms his frosbitten hand with her own breath & tears.

3.Episoe 14 : The 1st Hug. In order to take Eun Sooto heaven’s door,Choi Young breaks out of ail & promises to escape. As soon as he shows up late to their meeting,Eun Soo runs straight to into his arms. The patting touch of Choi Youngon the back of an anxious Eun Soo – missing each other,it’s a moment when the heart of 2 touch.

4.Episode 4 : “Are you there?”,”yes,I’m here”. The truth game is the time when Eun Soo inside the room & Choi Young outside,confirm their innermost feelings.”Are you there?”,Eun Soo asks,”yes,I’m here”,Choi Young responds. His response the reason why in Episode 22 Eun Soo says,”if i return to heaven,before I sleep I’ll ask,Are you there?”.

5.Episode 5 : “If I get you,it’ll be forever. Not for today or few days”. Choi Young was going to stop being soldier for Eun Soo. Eun Soo become a newbie wooldachi for Choi Young. Choi Young,who understands Eun Soo’s feelings,goes closer to her & they smile at each other. Choi Young then asks her,”if we manage the antidote,I’ll protect you forever,so,will you remain in Goryo?” & promises his love with “if I get you,it’ll be forever. Not for today or few days”.

source :http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=664833 ,translate by : icesirens @soompiforums.


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