Won Bin & Lee Minho turned out to resemble.

121104,MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Communication made comparative analysis representing the male star Won Bin & Lee Minho,attracted people attenrion.

Lee Minho & Won Bin ranked by the dopplehanger was considerable commonality. Already noticed,which one was the 1st star.

Won Bin,who 1st appear in drama & surprised to see how good he look like. Photographer Cho Sea-Hyun said like living James Dean.

Director Kang Woo-Suk saw Lee Minho as an actor,”he’s really an actor that will unconditionally treat a girl well”. Lee Minho worthiness become familiar with director Kim Soo Roo find ou that hinted episode conveyed.

2 people with perfect visual attraction start their career as a model at Andre Kim fashion show.

Also the resembles change the characters. 2 hotties,Lee Minho & Won Bin,who attempted to work through rough characters transform from Sun Jeong-Nam character. In particular,Won Bin action from the movie “Uncle” & Lee Minho’s “City Hunter” drew surprises,such as martial arts skills.

In addition,have uppermost layer of the image side by side on the brand that want to have a luxurious atmosphere for the advertising model,can look other concepts in their UNICEF activities.

Resembling seemed suddenly stands in the center of Hallyu Stars,Lee Minho & Won Bin,another attraction that draws 2 actors noteworthy.


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