Lee Minho held a Press-Con at Grand Intercontinental Hotel,Yokohama,japan.

Lee Minho became popular in Japan after “Boys Over Flowers” & “City Hunter in Seoul”. Visit Japan after a year & four months (after his last FM,August 2011),after his latest drama “Faith”,smiled & said “thank you for coming to Yokohama”.

Smiled,he said,”I have a feeling of being in love while waiting for my supporters & wish to make warm memories after long time in japan, It’s the season that bring joy & the end of the year,December,made my heart warm with the FM”.

“Faith”,epic historical drama-romance fantasy that brought more than when the samurai of Goryeo era & the modern doctor,played by Kim Hee Sun,Minho said,”I really enjoy. Romance motif of the modern person (Yoo Eun Soo) go into the past & struggle for it”. Lee Minho has played a man who through faith in the same work was.

Althought he played historical drama for the 1st time & struggle with tough time when shooting,he said “bitter smile summer this year. Summer really hot & humid than usual. I remembered the costumes was heavy”.

Said refreshing coz,”very manly to protect a person with defend action scenes,rescue the woman that you love. Scenes act really cool”. When asked his impression about Kim Hee Sun,his co-star,he answered,”really fun & have positive energy. Tried to laugh together. That kiss really mischievous plays that we’ve been taken in kind”,he said with embarassed smile.

In addition,there’ll be no living era back to the past,”of course there’s imagination”,he said. When taking historical plays,he muffled in the mountains over a long period of time to put the emphasis on one point somewhere in the making role. Touch as much as possible with nature & riding a horse,when “City Hunter”,he bear in mind of the loneliness,this time as we can see on BTS,he can plays as he focused on the point. This guy such a reliable look from people around & because such reliable person with a sense of responsibility.

Had the impression of passivity,for Japanese supporters,after a year & four months,it will feel a sense of intimacy such as touching the body. was seen very positive & friendly to everyone,he said “I think that I’m underneath,but there’s a short period of time & want to make good memories with you.

source : http://newslounge.net/archives/52489

translate by : sailormoontroops


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