Enough to take wires to the reporters the results fell short of expectations & have heard possibility of actors Lee Minho & Ryu Deok-Hwan peeking 24 episodes SBS’s drama ‘Great Doctor’,that broadcast last episode on October 30,2012. Lee Minho & Ryu Deok-Hwan great acting gain supports. Lee minho escort the king with loyalty,Choi Young character was changed. Unlike existing historical drama.the warrior character was drawn ‘Great Doctor’ has attracted Choi Young who struggling to find the meaning of life,lost national sovereign,considerates hopeless at the end of the king tyranny’s circle. Gong Min,including consideration of all people fall into despair when confronted with sovereign reveals the resentment has doubled. To as a sovereign judges reform central incisor made all Choi Young role,without a purpose of Choi Young character & bear the king,commander officer of the warrior not able finish the duties to calm the outer & inner conflicts leading to life. Sick of beating Choi Young with anger,felt a sense of persuasive express comments that led as a true monarch mortifying reins of Gong Min character. ryu Deok-Hwan,outstanding actor of ‘Great Doctor’ watch his acting has proven how pleasant is going out the comfort zone without finding a specific countermeasures hostage by the anger of Gamman Monarch,king Gong Min deployed,seems more glaring change,has become a true king. cause realizing the important of  creating voluntary supports from his citizens & warriors piggyback its terrifying power & even earlier crisis of the dethroned king Gong Min was awesome,considering the king doesn’t wanna go down from the authority considering power equalization & ryu Deok-Hwan deployed proved,the more exposed & considering the situation that the king can’t hide,the stately monarch of sovereign state is transformed into a loyalty in the most dramatic change could be the hero here is Princess Noo Guk,expresses love to Gong Min,for a moment like a ray of light in the darkness.

source : OSEN.


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