SBS drama ‘Great Doctor’ ended in the middle of actor Lee minho & Kim Hee Sun after glow leaving the filming yesterday.Yoo Eun Soo,’Great Doctor’ from the future & Choi Young,from Goryo,their tender love was drawn. Eventually,give up & go back to goryo dynasty,the era he lived,their reunited drew a happy ending.

Choi Young & Eun Soo strong belief in the death of Gobi,an unshakable love was able to escape from the crisis. Cruel fate,despite the couple keepers love & memories through the miracle at the ending scene was enough. Reported even when 2 people have always wants together didn’t cost credits roll,viewers able to feels the linger for a long time they had left an after image.

‘Great Doctor’ peculiar after glow of Lee Minho & Kim Hee-Sun. Existencial figure in the ‘Great Doctor’ time slip faction & combines historical drama received attention. Specially for Lee minho in his 1st historical drama a challenge,received a passing grade. naturally ,expressed Choi Young complex multistage inner psychology, For Kim Hee-Sun,this is her 1st come back in 6 years. They considering the samurai as 3 dimensional plots & anguish from another world expressed bittersweet of love.

Lee Minho,KBS2 drama rookie showed personally through the role as Jun Pyoo from Boys Over Flowers. His 1st historical drama acclaimed successfully impart his acting spectrum.

Returned after 6 years,Kim Hee-Sun also shine. Kim Hee-Sun,in Goryo Dynasty temporal sad & vividness at the same time bearing realistic character created as a female doctor. Laughter covered some of the points carefully sometimes gave to sublimate the increase of deep feelings for Lee Minho frankness,delivered to the portal. Gave her triumphs & disaster across the time slip central of the drama.

Take into consideration of lawmakers of the future to come into modern age of warrior Choi Young came into her eyes,a Modern Plastic Surgery Yoo Eun Soo. The end time about 660 years back in time & met the fate both of them scored.

source : mydaily.co.kr


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