# FAITH “Kamui”,when you received the offer,please tell me your 1st   impression when you read the scenarios? Actually,had received many offer of various works,but the scenario more exciting & I’d like to do. I decided to cast in “Faith” because I was strongly attracted to the scenario. sageuk is kind of drama that i want to try since years ago,but i think with sageuk fantasy that I played at my age now & able to show the new one.

# For the role of Goryeo Era,did you make special preparation? Are there any dramas or books that help you? I have to prepare the “Faith” sageuk. Trying to figure out exactly what people in the past like. But supports for this drama really strong, I didn’t particularly determine what kind of person Choi Young was,I imagined.

# Did you talked to Director Kim? From the beginning had been talking with the director,that everyone is trying to figure as people expected. On that era,that person expected to commit but it’s difficult,so I talked about like everyone hope,a cool figure.

# Even that cool enough,did you make an effort for the sake of what is “making cool role?”. You said,”tried to become a character with a sense of responsibility” in the Press Conference. Specifically,how you expressed? Choi Young is a very strong person with responsibility. when I say the words,I have to speak from the heart as much as possible. When I act or changing the make up,I’d like to change the tone of my voice which I think the meaning of the words has. If the confession scene,for example,I think very hard to say ‘wonder if I say this word in that way this one’. Given the meaning of the words,I’m wholehearted say.

# You said at the Press Conference,in order to become fully Choi Young you tried to ride a horse & go to the country side. In that way helped you for the role? Actually,I’ve noticed (laughs) strategy that I’m the person who has lived for 26 years in modern era it was a failure,just beacuse I went to the mountain a short period of time,unfamiliar with the people who live in the mountain. In the end,it was forced to work with my imagination.

# So you think,could you become Choi Young at any moment? I thought for,I have a scene that reveal for the 1st time out of mind,while talking about his past,at that time,had become a feeling of Choi Young’s fit. Now,I can’t remember the exact words….I thought at that time,”Oh,so this is Choi Young”.

# Do you think Choi Young is a very cool character? talked to himself,”there’s no regret in this world,do not fear of dead”. Actually,I’m afraid Choi Young had to die. He appeared as the person who’s not afraid to die,”if you take the responsibility by his death,do not fear of the dead”. rather it is the person named,I think such a surface & very familiar to me. there are times when i face serious thing that must to do too,because it challenges without fear. there are people important or significant people to be protected,at such times,at the end,try to do the responsibility,I think such figure like me.

# was it easy to play Choi Young which is similar to your own? there’s time that look like,(laughs) but not easy to play just because of the emotion,to express it in a way of speaking the sageuk still difficult.

# Do you think will change your image for each work,your own character & personality similar to any role? To be honest,I do with my own personality,describe in words that I’m difficult. It also dark side of anyone,there’s also funny side & the bright side. I,I don’t want to limit my self. Since I’ve been working as an actor,I think will continue to represent various aspects & it is possible to show variety of appearances. Thoroughly,we really enjoyed it,even not in good mood. I think basically,as a bright & amusing personality stronger than the darkside through. from all characters that I played until now,in the terms of heart have been hurt in the past,the different with me,I like Lee Yoon Seung the most.

# Please tell us your highlights of thought about FAITH “Kamui?” 1st,I’ll say that despite the historical play,to be a straightforward story so you can enjoy the content isn’t difficult,anyone can look action element scene & sageuk Fantasy is the highlight. recommended love story. So,still & the scene of Eun Soo,it’s a scene that can’t confess to being with Eun Soo,embittered.

# If there’s time travel machine,to what time do you want to go? I like to see after 500 years,how’s the world has changed. because I know that in the past,I want to go to the future. I think I felt like Choi Young came to the present era & was very surprised to go to the future too.

# While the era of Sageuk Fantasy drama will be broadcast,do you think FAITH “Kamui” highlight unique & attractive? I think inot much difficult fantasy dramas,the advantages that you can enjoy it. It is the charm of real intention that serves as a love story & that sageuk fantasy elements that have been added.

source : http://www.myjcom.jp/tv/special/interview/interview02.html

translated by : sailormoontroops

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqpgz6Yjo4Y  interview with KNTV

credit to the owner,uploaded by jemi chen

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2Ee5Hf_iVM  English sub by LeeMinHo’s World


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