The song is sung by Brown Eyed Souls,joined the SBS drama ‘Great Doctor/FAITH’ OST part 6,’SOng of the Wind’. ‘SOng of the Wind’ represent the conflict & anguish to feel the powerful rock guitar & harmonious orchestra playing the song,considering the best warrior & as a man of loves,Choi Young. Joon particularly delicate voice & a whisper in the recording process,explossive emotions shows was praised on-site to the back.Outside ‘will be discovered with the Great Doctor/FAITH’ BGM OST part 6. The BGM tracks was composed of  direct screening  for composer supporters Oh Joon Seong one side. Publisher said,”the writer’s genuine macho songs”. Instead of unspeakable  love Choi Young  which blowing naturally like seep into our heart. The writer is looking forward  to the  ‘Song of The Wind’  response,he said ‘Song of the Wind’ & the BGM tracks will be released on 8 November (?),24:00 KST.

source : sportchosun.


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