To Kim Hee Sun,lee Minho took a public in front of public suprising her. On today episode ,Choi Young kissed Yoo Eun Sooin front of Deok Heung. EunSoo infancy Deok heung secretly,”let it fail here,we might as well”. Anyway,there would think of marriage to. “Didn’t desertion asked”.Such Deok Heung for “desertion unclean colon due to the relationship will be”. Threatened not being flogged is going to be,he said. deok Heung “now the soldiers that guarding the sacret are 50,i had grown 2000″. Choi Young,he looked the last time than the residential 1st seem didn’t like.”She’s alright”,said Choi Young after Gong Min hostage eventually toppling check of the wedding was expected since Deok Heung-Eun Soo-Gong Min get party raid for the fear of the wedding,without attended the wedding. Number of Deok Heung & Gi Cheol warriors membrane between the wedding hall,the 2 men appeared in front of Choi Young,Choi Young said “what the hell are you doing?”,walked towards Eun Soo,announced soon what is a wedding raid. Choi Young said,”So you don’t have time? there’s no other way” and kissed her. Their sudden kissed shocking people around them.

source : Newsen.

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